Perry (590)

Chip – Washed, 3/8” x #16

Washed ‘pea gravel’ that can be used as under slab material or certain backfill applications.

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Roadbase – 1.5” UTBC

High-quality roadbase that meets stringent UDOT specifications as well as demanding commercial applications.

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Rock – Unwashed, 1.5” Maximum

Used for many of the same functions as the smaller diameter ¾” Max rock, but where a coarser rock is specified or desired.

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Rock – Washed, ¾” Maximum

Washed angular rock used in concrete mix designs as well as gravel backfill where a very clean rock is specified.

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Sand – Washed, Concrete

Washed sand produced to meet the highest standards for concrete production including U.D.O.T. and ASTM specifications.

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