Rock – Unwashed, 3/4″ Maximum

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Used for various backfill and bedding applications as well as underneath concrete slabs or ground cover for gravel driveways, this angular and durable rock meets a core need on many construction projects.

Sieve Results

Sieve Size% Passing
ASTM D4791 | Ratio=5:1
Flakiness Index | Ratio=7.98
25.0 mm (1")100
19.0 mm (3/4")100
12.5 mm (1/2")46
9.5 mm (3/8")7
6.3 mm (1/4")3
4.75 mm (No.4")2
1.18 mm (No. 16)2
0.600 mm (No. 30)2
0.300 mm (No.50)2
0.075 mm (No.200)1.6

Test Results

Physical Properties
C 29T19Unit WeightUnit Weight, lbs./cu.ft.96
D4318T89/90Liquid/Plastic LimitLiquid Limit0
Plastic Limit0
Plasticity Index0
C131T96L.A. AbrasionSmall Coarse Loss20%
C 127T85Coarse Specific Gravity & AbsorptionBulk Specific Gravity (dry)2.669
Bulk Specific Gravity, SSD2.691
Apparent Specific Gravity2.730
C 88T104SoundnessCoarse Soundness Loss1%
Sodium No. of Cycles5
Fine Soundness Loss%
Magnesium No. of Cycles%
C40T21Organic ImpuritiesCoarse AggregateLighter Plate # 1%
C142T112Clay / Friable ParticlesCoarse Aggregate0%
Fine Aggregate%
C123T113Lightweight PiecesCoarse Aggregate0%
Fine Aggregate%
D5821 Fractured Face1 or 2 Faces1 = 100
Fractured Face, %2 = 100

Fill – Hardpac 3/8″ Minus Crushed Limestone Fines

Limestone fines from Pelican Point can be an ideal choice for placement in applications such as footpaths or other trails where a smaller top size would be ideal.

520 EFIL

Fill – Structural A-1-a fill graded to a 2” minus

Structural A-1-a fill graded to a 2” minus.

Red Lava Rock

Red Volcanic Lava Rock for Landscaping. This product is no bigger that 3/4 inch

Roadbase – 1.5” UTBC

High-quality road base that meets stringent UDOT specifications as well as demanding commercial applications.