Rock – Unwashed, 1.5” Maximum

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Used for many of the same functions as the smaller diameter ¾” Max rock, but where a coarser rock is specified or desired.

Sieve Results

Sieve Size% Passing
ASTM D4791 | Ratio=1:5
50.0 mm (2")100
37.5 mm (1-1/2")100
25.0 mm (1")60
19.0 mm (3/4")17
12.5 mm (1/2")3
9.5 mm (3/8")1
2.36 mm (No. 8)2
0.075 mm (No.200)0.6

Test Results

Physical Properties
C 29T19Unit WeightUnit Weight, lbs./cu.ft.103
C131T96L.A. AbrasionSmall Coarse LossB/500%
C 127T85Coarse Specific Gravity & AbsorptionBulk Specific Gravity (dry)2.632
Bulk Specific Gravity, SSD2.618
Apparent Specific Gravity2.656
C 88T104SoundnessCoarse Soundness Loss0.2%
Sodium No. of Cycles5
Fine Soundness Loss%
Sodium No. of Cycles%
C40T21Organic ImpuritiesCoarse AggregateLighter Plate #1%
C142T112Clay / Friable ParticlesCoarse Aggregate0%
Fine Aggregate%
D5821 Fractured Face1 or 2 Faces1 or 2 Faces
Fractured Face, %56%
Chip washed standard 3_8x16-chip-perry

Chip – Washed, Standard 3/8″ x #16

Washed angular ‘pea gravel’ that can be used as under slab material or certain backfill applications.

Roadbase – 3/4″ APWA, Crushed Concrete

Roadbase – 3/4″ APWA, Crushed Concrete

Roadbase produced from ‘haul back’ concrete from both ready mix operations and jobsites. This material provides customers a second roadbase option with the added advantage of putting recycled material to use.

Washed Angular Rock 3/4 inch

Rock – Washed, 3/4”, 1”, or 1.1/2″ Max.

Washed angular rock used in concrete mix designs as well as gravel backfill where a very clean rock is specified.

560 Sand

Sand – Washed, Concrete

Washed sand produced to meet the highest standards for concrete production including U.D.O.T. and ASTM specifications.

Sand – Washed, Masonry

Washed sand ideal for use in a wide array of masonry projects, and also for use in volleyball pits and sand boxes.